Ten rules before buying fragrance

Please keep in mind that selecting a good perfume involves time and patience. One would certainly not like to put in a hefty sum unless one has satisfactorily experienced all three notes of a perfume.

Here are 10 key things to be mindful of:​

  • Never blind buy; always let your nose decide

  • Once you find a few perfumes you’re ready to get serious about, you must try them on your skin

  • Better to try at closeby perfume sellers, else go for decants

  • Spray some on your wrist (don't rub the perfume) and wear it for a day to observe the transitioning nature and longevity of the smell

  • Avoid spraying on paper because it is a poor indicator of how the notes of the perfume will mix with your body oils

  • Smell the perfume at various intervals up to 2-3 hours to get all the notes

  • Don’t inhale steadily over it, lean into it, get the scent, and then move it away for a second. Repeat this several times

  • As the notes dry up, the scent will change, allowing for the scents to evolve and be more interesting

  • Longevity & uniqueness of the smell matters!

  • Ideally, limit yourself to test not more than 2 perfumes in a day

Once you find some fragrances that you feel comfortable wearing and build an appreciation for perfumes that complement your natural odour, you’ll move on to the next level of purchasing fragrances – considering them simply because you like how they smell.

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