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Top Fresh Perfumes (Women)

Top Fresh Perfumes (Women)

The season of golden hours and Mediterranean blues is here, so are our top picks for you to delve in the hues of your individuality this summer.

Well, personality is an amalgamation of a gamut of traits and smelling good certainly is a box to check. What’s better than a tinge of freshness of the morning sun with a dash the dewy flowers in this season of blooming flowers and multiple faceted rays.

However, wearing an untimely fragrance can certainly imbalance your summery hues. So ladies, keep following this article to get a deeper insight into the bottled hues of summer to enliven your spirits.


1) Versace Yellow Diamond

Chasing sunsets can be a tiresome task so why not just get your hands onto this Eau De Toilette, a natural spray that feels like the sunset of a summer evening in a bottle.

Who does not want to be the golden hour glamour gal smelling sparklingly of Bergamot which when seamlessly blended in with Citron of Diamante makes you transcend reality to breathe in the breezy coast of citron from where one of the life giving citrusy top notes, citron is brought in.

The olfactory senses are up for a feast for Neroli with its honeyed spicy facets is at its best, stimulating the senses of those passing you by.

The list of top notes ends with the subtlety of the pear sorbet. The subtle blending in of the floral mint sweetened freesia with the warmness of mimosa form the heart notes. Drying down are the vibrant tones of Amber Wood and Palo Santo with lustrously voluptuous musk and benzoin.


2) Davidoff Cool Water (Woman)

An Eau De Toilette aptly articulating the freshness of an ocean for women.

The sweet essence of watermelon and pineapple forming the top notes bring in the fruity and fresh nuances of summer season. The dimension of depth is addition to the oceanic freshness made by the Lily of Valley, whose distinct fragrance stands out unparalleled forms the heart note. The tanginess of blackcurrant blended with the sensuousness of woods stands as the botanical base note of the tier.

This fragrance captures the magnificence of water, an element of joy for the thalassophile’s.


3) Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense (Women)

The blue coloured bottle of the Eau Intense Perfume is reminiscent of the Mediterranean blues.

The tanginess of lemon and the bitter-sweetness of green apple bring in citrus rich fruitiness in unexampled fragrance from France. The hint of floral is attributed to the brazen yet soothing fragrances of Jasmine and Marigold that contribute as the heart notes. You must be certainly wondering about the element of woody fragrance, well the credit goes to the amber woods and cedar woods which peak your olfactory senses. The cedar wood though smells like a freshly sharpened pencil has hints of resin transporting you back to an evergreen forest.

Built around juicy fruit and spices the freshness of Amber Wood though can be attributed to its woody-powdery notes of orris and cedar wood. The tad bit of musk adds an element of sweetness to it.

A fragrance is an element of utmost importance for it leaves a lasting impression. If you find these interesting, do try flirting with them in our 1.5ml trial sample packs!

(Author — Kudrat Bhinder)

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