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We are an online seller of authentic luxury perfumes. We operate out of Mumbai, India and serve customers across the world. We take immense pride in serving a diverse clientele, which ranges from a global community of really passionate perfume enthusiasts & collectors to folks who have just begun their fascinating olfactive journey, to businesses looking for attractive wholesale deals.

With 1,500+ perfumes across 110+ brands, we offer an amazing assortment of luxury perfumes. This includes standard retail packs, testers, awesome gift sets, some really intriguing hard-to-find perfumes and some discontinued ones as well.

Our sole motto is to deliver 100% original & authentic luxury perfumes with an impeccable shopping experience that fosters a long term relationship with our valued clientele.

Our team comprises of a bunch of just-another-random IIT & IIM graduates who bind by just one common love -- the love for good & exotic fragrances! And we constantly strive to make sure this endearing love & passion reflects in all our offerings -- right from an easy-to-navigate and a clutter-free website, to our relentless commitment to offering a 100% original perfume, to a vibrant packaging, and finally our exceptional customer support.

Our customers bear testimony to the fact that we are driven by an innate love for lovely fragrances. We understand the quantum of money one spends to buy such fragrances and the agony one experiences on receiving fakes and imitations.

The unfortunate status quo is that barring a few well-known brick-and-mortar sellers, the market is flooded with fakes esp. with the majority of online sellers in India. False promises of originality & authenticity with no scene of refund.

We really look to challenge this. Unlike other online players, we NEVER source anything from the ‘grey market’, only offering products that are 100% original, sourced & imported either directly from the brands or from their authorized suppliers across the globe. This authenticity & integrity extends to all aspects of how we do our business.

In fact, we even offer 30-days money-back guarantee -- in case our customers face any sort of dissatisfaction with our product quality!

Very soon, we will be launching an exciting range of some popular and some exotic niche fragrances in decants, enabling our pickiest ladies & gentlemen to date a fragrance before marrying it.

Please do check our Blog, Instagram and Facebook pages where we strive to update you with some really exciting happenings in the fascinating world of perfumes!

We are committed to delivering you first-class shopping experience in a first-class way! And we sincerely look forward to accompanying you as your most-trusted companion in your fascinating olfactive journey, enabling you to truly enjoy your journey while we take care of the rest.

Should you have any further queries, complaints or compliments, please do write to us. We look forward to your feedback and rest assured that we will give our best to ensure that we leave you with smiling faces!

Happy shopping; now shop with confidence!

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The Scent Shop.

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