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The shackles of stereotypical “masculinity” are being broken perpetually and the game has been certainly upped by some very creative minds in the field of fragrance. Once attributed to feminine, the floral fragrance is now entered the realms of masculinity too. 

The gamut is unending however our top picks will certainly add a spice to your musty summer repertoire. Enriching fragrances from the finest perfumers will be a cherry on top of your chic ensemble. The vibrant hues will go unparalleled with the beautiful summertime.

Check out our top classic picks for men. You will never go wrong with these!


The wide open spaces where the hues of blue domineer the white open landscapes was a source of inspiration for Francois Demachy. The local and exclusive Calabrian Bergamot picked by Francois added a sense of distinctness to the  enchanting fragrance with scent type of warm woods. The facets of peppery and zesty with fruity facets make a custom signature. 

Ambroxan diffusing the ambery notes to the marine woody notes and driftwood contribute to the sweet subtle essence of the fragrance. 

The sustainable approach to luxury by Dior is exemplary in nature due its eco-designed refill. 


The earthy woody fragrance of the eau de toilette is an intriguing blend of citrus and woods, the key notes being citrus accord, labadanum, sandalwood cedar.

The profoundly sensual yet clean and fresh essence of the fragrance emits vibrancy when a zest of grapefruit is united with aromatic accord diffused with a tinge of dry cedar. The Caledonian wood contributes a facet of sensuality enumerating a sense of individuality. 


Marking the 250th anniversary of the fragrance line, Creed is inspired by symbols of heroism whose triumphs resonate till date. The self suggestive name which has been derived from a Ventus which the wind implies the free soul of man galloping away in the winds. 

The rich and fruity fragrance, a creation of Oliver Creed, has distinct notes of Apple, Blackcurrant, Pineapple and Bergamot forming the top notes, contributing the essence of fruitiness. Juniper berries, Birch Patchouli, Moroccan Jasmine adding a hint of floral to the richness of the citrusy top notes. The facet of depth is marked by musk and oakmoss whereas the dab of vanilla and ambergris contribute a sense of familiar subtleness. 


 “Noir captures how for many men there is a sophisticated outer persona and yet there is also that private side only a few know. This contrast is what makes him fascinating.” — Tom Ford, as rightly stated by the curator of this oriental fragrance created in the magical haven of Switzerland is disseminating nothing but the epic contrast of the masculine sensuality.

The notes of Italian Bergamot, Black Pepper, Nutmeg, Bulgarian Rose, Amber and Vanilla are the perfect blend for an impeccable  balance between the sweet, tangy and spicy to portray a strong sense of masculinity. 

The preposterous idea of two continuums of a spectrum being diffused in a bottle is nothing short of unprecedented aspect of a man’s persona. 


The spritz the freshness of the eau de toilette comprised of the tanginess of the exquisite Calabrian Bergamot, Neroli and green tangerine forming the top notes of the revitalizing fragrance.

The lightness of aquatic nuances blended with Rosemary and the sweetness of Persimmon and the vigorous jasmine. The intoxicating musky Indonesian Patchouli adds a sweetened depth to the freshness of the aroma. 

(Author – Kudrat Bhinder)

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