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Tips for purchasing perfume offline

All of us have had that frustrating experience of going to stores to check out the new fragrances and end up coming back frustrated with our wrists drenched by sprays from the salesperson. Here are a few tips on how to avoid this!

1. Go prepared: The perfume counter can be overwhelming and can leave you confused. We would recommend to form a basic idea around what you would you like to try e.g. only the new launches or maybe a particular scent family We also recommend to avoid wearing any perfume to the store as this will skew your perception.

2. Go straight to the fragrance counter: As soon as you enter the store move straight to the perfume counter as the nose is more sensitive when you come from fresh air outside. Also air in these stores is generally scented, this will tire up your nose hence move quickly!

3. Start with 3-4 fragrances: We know you are tempted to smell every bottle out there but start with 3-4 fragrances else your olfactory fatigue will set in and you will no longer be able to differentiate Opium from Chanel No 5. Maybe take a walk at the nearby shoe store to relax the nose.

4. Stop before you smell: When you blotter the perfume on you skin, wait for a few seconds to let the alcohol evaporate. Nothing causes olfactory fatigue more than the inhaling those alcoholic fumes at the start.

5. Smell in short inhales: To prevent the mucus membrane of your nose from getting over saturated we recommend smell your skin in 2-3 short quick inhales instead of a long deep one.

6. Don’t buy right away: It may seem obvious, but it is best to wear the fragrance for at least a couple of hours before you decide whether it is the one for you. also you may not want to buy that expensive fragrance just from the top notes. Or maybe you can buy them online from a website you trust.

At the end if some sales executive helped you in figuring out a fragrance, reward them generously.

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